Published: Wednesday November 11, 2009 MYT 9:31:00 PM


SHAH ALAM: The Selangor government on Wednesday released the first set of “secret” documents — the controversial “Green Revolution Plan and “Bandar Alam Perdana: Lost Lands and Houses” — it promised to the public after declassifying them.

The information behind the abandoned housing project will be available in leaflet form through District Offices from next Monday or the state government official portal from this Thursday.

Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said a list of affected people including victims, developers and related parties such as the mentri besar and district officers at that time would also be revealed.

When tabling Selangor’s 2010 budget at the state assembly sitting on Tuesday, Khalid said he had initiated the declassification of state information in line with his rights as mentri besar in accordance with Section 2C of the Official Secrets Act (OSA).

Khalid said the documents provide details and facts behind the abandoned housing project from people allocated three-acre (1.21ha) plots of agriculture land to how they were taken over by developers and how it was abandoned eventually.

Some small land owners were promised RM360,000 to transfer the land to the developers, but were left with none of the money promised to them nor their lands at the end, he added.

“It is more than just an abandoned project,” he said.

The case goes back to 1973 during the tenure of the Barisan Nasional-led state government, involving more than 17 acres (6879ha) of land.

Khalid said more than 700 agriculture land participants and 3,000 house buyers were affected by the project.

“It is important to reveal the information for the benefit of the public.

“Those affected by the project … have the right to know what happened,” he said, adding that the people would have never known the details of the abandoned project because it was classified an official secret.

Revealing the documents would be the first step by the state government to resolve the abandoned project problem and take it over, which was the ultimate course, he said.

He also said the victims could seek assistance from the state government if they wanted to pursue legal action.

Khalid added that there were three series of documents about different projects that would be revealed in stages.


  1. Gopal Raj Kumar

    It is one thing to publish such a document or documents in pursuit of a political objective and something else altogether to be able to sue especially the state or its apparatus and functionaries arising out of the informaiton provided in such documents.

    States, their functionaries and organs enjoy immunity from prosecution as a general rule. What the opposition now in government hopes to achieve by releasing this information without a plan to do anything further with it or to act responsibly by exercising their own powers as sovereign is not mentioned.

    It may well be a sword they will fall on considering how they are going about the exercise of this very sensitive ‘right’ in their hands.

  2. I think it is high time for the state government to disclose in order to give full picture the public. Nonetheless this should not be done in pursuit of political interest but for doing public good.

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