Implementing Islamic Law in Brunei

Implementing Islamic Law

Thursday, October 13, 2011

From (accessed 19 October 2011)

FOR the third time this year, His Majesty has reiterated the call for the implementation of Islamic Criminal Law in the country and directed the authorities to accelerate their efforts in this regard. During a meeting on Monday with the Brunei Islamic Religious Council (MUIB), His Majesty, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, took serious exception to the fact that the relevant authorities had been unable to meet the timeframe set for the implementation of Syariah law. “We have the (Syariah) court building, in its grandeur, intellectuals and experts are also in abundance, and the country is independent, what more are we waiting for?” His Majesty asked.

Yesterday, addressing an international seminar, the monarch again urged the authorities not to delay the introduction of the Islamic Criminal Act. “Who are we, in the presence of Allah (SWT), to say ‘no or wait’; considering that (Islamic) law was not only just formulated, but has been stated in Al-Quran and Al-Hadiths for more than 1,400 years.”

On March 15, this year, the pious ruler had proposed the introduction of an Islamic Criminal Act to deal with offences that fall under Syariah jurisdiction while maintaining the implementation of existing civil and religious legislations. Brunei has already established a Syariah Court under the command of His Majesty but the jurisdiction of the court is still limited as it deals mostly with family-related matters.

While the introduction of Islamic laws will invite Allah’s (SWT) blessings, failure to do so could result in chaos in the society. Al-Quran clearly warns us about the consequences of ignoring the divine law. “Whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed – then it is those who are the Zalimoun (despotic).” (QS-Al-Maidah/5-45)

The latest titah reflects the eagerness of His Majesty to see the Sultanate benefitting from the law of Allah (SWT).

Being our creator, Allah (SWT) knows our psychology, our physical needs, our strengths and weaknesses. He knows what is best for the mankind. Thus the introduction of his law will definitely result in creating a peaceful, crime-free and prosperous society. (emphasis added)

3 responses to “Implementing Islamic Law in Brunei

  1. Brunei has to revamp its judicial and legal services, legislate new statutes concerning Islamic law – islamic evidence act, muamalat, criminal law and procedure. Staff equipped with Islamic law knowledge should also be adequately provided.

  2. Perhaps 1-2 years is still not enough to implement in toto the Islamic law. But Brunei should plan properly. The first 5 years should be used to revamp the existing legal and judicial administration edifice to become fully comply with Islamic law, The second step is to introduce islamic law – islamic evidence, islamic criminal, islamic contract, islamic procedures. Next is to train the current generation and the subsequent generation to equip them with islamic law principles. Further logistic are – political, monetary support, and education (dakwah).

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