Abandoned Housing Project To Be Revived


By Chuah Bee Kim

Read more: Abandoned housing project to be revived from http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/02jpki/Article/#ixzz1bJSG386T (accessed 20 October, 2011)

ABOUT 400 home purchasers who bought houses in Taman Mengkibol, Kluang, can now heave a sigh of relief.

The housing project, which was left abandoned for 14 years, has been taken over by a new property developer.

However, to enable the new developer to revive the project, the house buyers will have to contact the Taman Mengkibol Action Committee immediately.

The committee chairman Ali Zainal Abidin S. Mohamad said the move by the new developer is a positive sign for the abandoned project.

Deputy Youth and Sports minister Senator Gan Ping Sieu, who is also Mengkibol state assemblyman, said at a Press conference recently that it is hoped all the house buyers will get in touch with the action committee without delay for the matter to be resolved.

Gan said the new developer will only be able to take over the project with the consent of the house buyers.

“I hope the agencies in the district will also help to ensure that the takeover will proceed smoothly, by allowing the new developer to follow the guidelines which had already been set prior to the development of the housing estate,” he added.

“If new guidelines were to be implemented now, this would hinder the development and make it more difficult for the house buyers, some of whom have been servicing their bank loan for 14 years,” he added.

For details, call 017-7759 082. (emphasis added).

One response to “Abandoned Housing Project To Be Revived

  1. Agree it is a good step. However if new protective measures to include new guidelines and agreements with strict obligations on the new developers to complete the job and to shoulder their responsibilities with complimentary penalties to them for failure, what assurances are there that ‘purchasers’ will not be diddled again?

    Someone needs to get the buyers together to ensure proper documents capable of being enforced with the full sanction of the law before they are drawn in like lambs to the slaughter again. The laws as they stand are as weak as they were previously.

    Searches need to be carried out to make sure these are not the same players ass before in a different disguise and with straw or nominee directors taking their place to con the public.

    Buyers who go into this deal blindly again cannot complain if it goes awry once more. God layers need to get involved right now. Typically the new developer will threaten to withdraw if strict compliance is enforced. Thats a telling sign of a risky venture.

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