Rehabilitation of abandoned housing project Peninsular Malaysia by a purchasers’ voluntary scheme: A case study

Citation: Md Dahlan, Nuarrual Hilal. (2007). Rehabilitation of abandoned housing project Peninsular Malaysia by a purchasers’ voluntary scheme: A case study. Malayan Law Journal, 2007. cxcvi-cxcvi. ISSN 0025-1283.

Abstract: In Peninsular Malaysia, an housing project can be deemed to be abandoned when:(a) Construction activities on site of the housing construction project have stopped for six months or more consecutively, after the expiry of the Sale and Purchase Agreement (S & P) executed by the developer and the purchaser or; (b) The developer has been put under the control of the Official Receiver and the Housing Controller is of the opinion that such developer cannot duly proceed with the execution of its obligations as a developer. The roles and obligations of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (‘MOH’) are to gather relevant information, search and initiate ways to rehabilitate the housing projects so abandoned and to identify suitable parties for the rehabilitation of the said projects either they are rehabilitated by the original developers themselves (the first defaulting developer) or by the financiers to the said projects or by the land owners of the projects or even through the initiatives of the Purchasers’ Actions Committees or through the government rehabilitating agency — Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB).

Keywords: Failed residential house, Purchasers’ Grievances, Rehabilitation.

Full paper: 2008 MLJ ResearchGate, Academia, WordPress Rehabilitation of Abandoned Housing Project by Purchasers’ Voluntary Scheme


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