Call for Papers

2019 ICEIR Medan SeptemberThe 4th International Conference on Education, Islamic Studies and Social Science Research (ICEISR 2019) welcomes abstracts from scholars, practitioners, and students for an important international conference, which will take place from 2nd – 3rd September 2019 in  Medan, Indonesia.  This year’s conference highlights the presentation of new trends, advances and research in relevant areas of education, Islamic studies and social science research.   As in previous years, the conference will bring together leading professionals, academicians, universities and industry experts from around the world.

ICEISR 2019 is concerned with education, Islamic studies and social science research in their broadest sense and support scholarship and innovative practices that advance academic achievement through respective world-views and focuses.  The conference strives to make an impact on these areas, especially with the support of new ideas, technology and modern innovations. The ICEDU also focuses on these disciplines and their developments through examinations of the principles, policies and practices that train potential human resources to work with stakeholders and contribute to the development and progress of respective disciplines for the benefits of mankind.

ICEISR 2019 is a joint collaborative effort of the Malaysian Academic Association Congress (MAAC), Association of Malaysian Researchers and Social Services (AMRASS), Universitas Tjut Nyak Dhien, Medan, Indonesia and Indonesian Republic of Lecturers Association for North Sumatra.

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