Definition of ‘abandoned housing project’: A legal analysis

Citation: Md Dahlan, Nuarrual Hilal. (2007). Definition of ‘abandoned housing project’: A legal analysis. Malayan Law Journal, 5 (2007). xxvii-lv. ISSN 0025-1283.

Abstract: Abandoned housing projects are pathetic phenomena occurring in housing industry in Malaysia. Even though, housing industry has developed and permeated throughout the nation since Independence day, negative phenomenon that is kept recurring, is abandoned housing projects. As a result, considerable housing projects have been identified as being abandoned and have shuddered to a halt. Likewise, additional costs are required to complete the outstanding and remaining constructions of the abandoned housing units. Though housing, planning and construction laws and regulations have been passed by Parliament with the purpose of controlling and regulating the housing development industry in Malaysia, it is regretted that, this catastrophe — the abandoned housing projects are still common and persisting until today. The objective of this paper is to accentuate and discuss the meaning and definition of abandoned housing project, insofar as the situations in Peninsular Malaysia is concerned. The definition which would be mainly highlighted and legally analyzed would that of the Division of Enforcement and Supervision, Ministry of Housing and Local Government (‘MOH’).

Keywords: Failed Residential Projects, Definition, Legal Analysis.

Full paper: 2007 ResearchGate, Academia & WordPress Definition of abandoned housing projects


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